San Pedro Spanish School is Back

After a year of having to scale down, San Pedro Spanish School is back in full swing.

Like businesses around the world, the school was affected by lockdowns and travel restrictions not only in Guatemala but also in the countries where our students come from. For most of 2020, all of our classes were conducted online. However, we started going back to in-person classes in December and are now once again offering all of the services that we’re renowned for. These include homestays with local families to help you learn Spanish through full immersion and to help you learn more about Guatemalan culture. 

Of course, covid-19 is still a concern all around the world and we’re doing our part to ensure your safety while also ensuring your comfort. Our classes are one-on-one rather than large groups and our beautiful garden setup means that students and teachers can safely socially distance without masks hindering the learning process: it helps when you can see your teacher’s mouth in order to learn how to pronounce words. We also have alcohol-based hand sanitizer at the entrance to the school to help prevent transferring viruses and bacteria through touching surfaces. Our homestay families are practicing standard covid-19 safety measures as well.

While our main school is based in San Pedro La Laguna, we also offer classes and homestays at our sister schools in San Marcos La Laguna and San Juan La Laguna, also at Lake Atitlán. If you would like to spend more time taking classes but would also like to see more of Guatemala, you can combine courses at our schools at the lake and our sister school in Lanquín – from where you can visit attractions like Semuc Champey. You may also combine courses with schools in Quetzaltenango and Antigua that are our allies through ASOLINGUA, the Asociación Lingüística de Guatemala or the Guatemalan Linguistic Association.

We still offer online classes too, which is a great way for you to continue your Spanish learning, no matter where in the world you are.

San Pedro Spanish School: uniting cultures.